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Friday, April 4, 2008

Gibson's Favorites

So I trapped Gibson and asked him his favorites. Here is his answers, though given somewhat grudgingly. He is 13, after all...


Color - green

Shirt - none

Shoes - none

Book - Wheel of Time Series

Song - If Everyone Cared

Movie - The Incredible Journey

Food - Everything

Drink - Dr. Pepper

Toy - Tobygator (Stuffed alligator he got when he was a year and a half old during the only vacation I ever took with his father.)

Pet - Cats

Place - Home

Person - Grandma --- BAD GIBSON, BAD BAD BAD!!!

Bug - All bugs are nasty.

Flower - Daisy

Cat - Daisy

Subject in school - Science (His first response was sex-ed, but he refused to let me post that here. Well, he went away when we were finished....hahaha! I'm an EVIL mom. He should have said I was his favorite person, now shouldn't he.)

Best friend - Anna

Vacation spot - Anything beyond Mars or Jupiter

I would ask Marisa her favorites, but she isn't quite 2 years old yet, so I doubt she would give me any decent answers.