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Friday, April 25, 2008

Readers and Traffic

Over the past few weeks, I've developed a few faithful visitors who come here nearly every day to see what is going on. You've posted links to me on your own blogs. You love me and I can tell.

I work hard to post daily and sometimes twice a day in order to provide fun and interesting content.

Now I want to ask something of you. If you truly enjoy my site and what you read here, would you kindly pass the word on to all your friends. If you are a member of a social networking site such as My Space or Cafe Mom then I would appreciate it if you would take the time to share my site.

I know I can use the ptc sites to increase the actual number of visits, but what I really want here is faithful readers. I want to reach those parents out there that might benefit from what I have to say (and might be interested in any of those lovely links all over the place...).

I want people to ask me questions so I can continue my Dear Mom posts. I want to entertain and amuse the parenting world.

Let's face it, I just want to be popular. I want to be well liked. I want to be the place where people go when they've had a hard day and need a short break from the rest of the world.

Face it, nobody can like me until they meet me. Please help them meet me. Tell the world...or at least tell everybody you can come into contact with.


SoccerMom said...

And you know what is nice mom, you love me back and I love that :o)