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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Good Morning

Do you want to have good mornings with your children?

In order to have good mornings, you need to be prepared. Plan ahead so that your mornings run more smoothly. Stressful mornings can cause everybody to be grumpy. Here are a few tips for making your mornings a little less stressed.

1) Plan ahead for breakfast. Decide the night before what will be served for breakfast. Make sure you have everything you need and set up as much as possible to avoid rushing.

2) Plan what you will wear. Teach your children to decide the night before what they will wear the next day. This can become part of your bedtime routine. Knowing what to put on in the morning will help alleviate the indecision that comes with the morning brain fog.

3) Get it together. Get all your stuff and all your kids' stuff together and ready to walk out the door. If you know where all your stuff is, then you won't have to rush around trying to find everything before you leave.

4) Start the day off with hugs and kisses. Everybody feels better when they receive a bit of extra love and affection first thing in the morning. Make sure you give each child plenty of hugs and kisses to start their day off right.

Oh - don't forget your sense of humor. Remember, too, that chocolate makes everything better. To that end, I have to say that chocolate chip muffins are a perfectly acceptable breakfast. Chocolate cereals are good, too. You can rarely go wrong with chocolate first thing in the morning.


TroubleX2 said...

Sometimes I put a little piece of chocolate in my coffee. Perfect way to start the day for us chocolate lovers :)

A. Nony Mouse said...

Mmmmmm...... chocolate

Mom said...

I just had me a bowl of chocolate chip ice cream for breakfast today.

Very healthy...

SoccerMom said...

Chocolate Rocks ~ any time of the day, anywhere and in any form!

What I do is have Special "K" Chocolate Delight so it hides the fact I am having chocolate for b'fast and keeps the guilt factor down. :o)

Petula Wright said...

LOL... encouraging us to have chocolate in the morning, huh? Well, I'm sure it'll cause a little cheer. All these are good tips. I often get up late 'cause I am so tired from staying up late trying to make a little money. Or a kid was awake or something like that. Luckily I don't have to leave the house 'til about 9:45!

Mom said...

Petula ---

I never claimed that my parenting advice would be of the "traditional" kind.

Chocolate for breakfast is always a good idea.

The occasional chocolate for dinner is good, too.