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Monday, May 12, 2008

Wypall - from Soccer Mom

Soccer Mom sent me this pack of Hand Wipes / Cleaner Wipes from Kimberly-Clark. I just got them from Fed Ex about ten minutes ago and ripped one out to see how they work out.

Let me preface this by telling you that the handrail on my stairs accumulates quite a lot of dirt and grime. Between the kids playing in the dirt, my brother working on trains and getting greasy, and other such gunk - the handrail stays pretty sticky and dirty.

So I pull out one of these wipes and start working on my handrail, having noticed that it was in desperate need of cleaning. It took me a few minutes, enough time to maneuver myself down the stairs while wiping the rail, and the rail was thoroughly and completely spotless without much effort at all. Usually it takes 20 minutes of hard scrubbing to get that thing clean.

I don't know anything about where to buy these things, or how much they are, but I'm sure Soccer Mom will post a comment to tell everybody when she reads this post.

These are amazing wipes. I've used the Lysol and Clorox wipes before and felt they were a waste of my money because they didn't work any better than a washcloth with the cleaner sprayed on them. I'm thinking this new wipe here is probably worth the money.


SoccerMom said...

Hi Mom,
Hi Everyone

What mom is talking about is our
Waterless wipes. They are meant to be used to anywhere where you need to clean up but there is no water source. But they are amazing for other tough jobs, like walls, carpets, banisters etc... One of the demomstrations we do is to take a Sharpie and write on our hand, we then talk about the sheet so the Sharpie has time to dry and then we wipe our hand and Sharpie comes right off.

The only thing we do not suggest you use the wipes on is, mirror or glass as the will leave a haze.

These amazing orange smelling sheets are gentle on your skin and come in two sizes.
A Canister (Kimberly-Clark part number 58310) with 50 sheets or a bucket with 75 sheets (Kimberly-Clark part number 91371).

You can purchase them on-line from for about $10.00 or less for the canister. Or if you prefer to purchase in person at any Fastenal location, WalMart and Target carry them off and on in the Automotive section.

In my house everyone knows if something gets spilled on the carpet, stuck to the floor, writen on your hand by a friend... Go get the Waterless wipes

Petula Wright said...

Very cool! I'll have to remember these. I always feel like stuff needs to be sanitized and wiped down with two preschoolers, an infant and a teenager.