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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Bored Games

Summer is here. The kids are out of school. There is "nothing" to do. Boredom has officially set in.

How does a cool mom battle the dog days of boredome? Well, if you're lucky, your children enjoy playing board games. The best games are those that are highly involved and interactive AND take a long time to finish.

Stock your closet with some of the classic games that have been proven to entertain children through the ages. Monopoly, Clue, Sorry, and Scrabble are some of my personal favorites. However, don't forget the other games that you should have, particularly if you have younger children. Candy Land, Chutes and Ladders, and Hi Ho Cherrio are fun for the little ones.

Cranium and Trivial Pursuit are good choices for family game night.

Come to think of it, having these games on hand can be highly useful in the event of a storm - such as we have here right now - to help keep children distracted from the house shaking thunder booms.

Got to go ---


Petula Wright said...

I love board games and so do my kids. I can't wait 'til the baby gets old enough to participate and not tackle and take everything! LOL! The kids played Hungry Hungry Hippo yesterday. They love the noise -- I am not so fond of that one, but at least they can practice their counting. This weekend Amber and I may play Scrabble or Monopoly. She's getting really good at Scrabble... gives me a run for my money.

A. nony mouse said...

There are literally hundreds of other board games out there beyond the usual suspects of Clue, Monopoly, Scrabble, etc.

Many of these can only be found at specialty game stores or from online dealers (you won't find them at Wal-Mart or Toys R Us), but are well worth it in order to give some variety into your game play:

Try Talisman, Illuminati, Chez Geek, Fury of Dracula, Junta, IceTowers, Axis and Allies, Fortress America, and others for some different board games.

Also don't forget to teach your kids to play Chess and/or Go - the ultimate in classic strategy and thought games.

Collectible card games, such as Magic and Pokemon are very popular with the pre-teen and early teen set (but probably won't be much for family game time)