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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Grow Something!

Never underestimate the power of a plant. Letting a child grow her own plant can make her feel very special and give her an amazing sense of accomplishment if you choose the right kind of plant for your child to grow.

My neighbor has a few tomato plants in her yard. Her little girl - Kira's Friend - checks the plants each day to see if there are any newly ripened tomatoes. Tomato plants are a wonderful option for our location because the weather is suitable, and the plants are hardy enough to deal with the Georgia red clay. The plants between our houses sport tons of little green tomatoes just waiting to ripen fully and be picked.

The Friend loves showing her tomatoes to Kira and pointing out which ones are almost ready to be picked.

You can prompt this type of pride in your own child, too, just by giving her a piece of dirt in your yard and letting her plant her very own plants. It's a bonus to plant something that she can eat, too. Eating your own freshly grown vegetables is a really special treat. Good options for growing include tomatoes, peppers, squash, and various herbs. Check your planting zones to determine what will grow best in your area. Then be sure to include your child in the process of selecting her plants.

I have to be very careful not to walk too close to the tomato plants between our houses because I would never want any of those tomatoes to jump off their vines and fall into my mouth. Really, that would just be tragic. All those defenseless, unguarded tomatoes...


Liss said...

That reminds me I have seeds to plant. I want to get an old sand box and fill it with soil so my kids can select their plants as you suggest and have their very own garden. I think you have just helped solve my dilemma of what to do over this coming long weekend.

Mom said...

Yep, I am amazing...

(I'm glad you will be planting. It's a good way to spend the weekend.)