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Monday, July 7, 2008

I'm Climbing

I'm climbing, Mommy. Those words are favorites around here these days. Marisa is definitely a climber. She climbs on chairs, tables, sofas, beds - just about any furniture she can get hold of. In an effort to allow her to climb and make it safe, I've come up with a few ideas.

1) I take as many pillows and sofa cushions as I can find and pile them up in the floor as a "jungle gym."

2) I encourage climbing on the side of the sofa so she can "fall" onto the soft part of the sofa. She relishes the thrill of falling. This keeps me sane because I know she won't get hurt, and I'm not trying to prevent her from doing what she naturally loves to do.

3) Obstacle courses are awesome outlets for little climbers. Using small chairs, the ironing board laid on its side, the previously mentioned cushions, and other suitable materials, I build an obstacle course in the living room and let her run herself out.

I don't want to squash her natural adventure seeking nature, so I provide her with plenty of safe opportunities to experience the excitement and thrill she so desperately loves.

After all, her favorite words are "I'm climbing, Mommy." She always says that with such mischief in her voice as if she thinks she's getting away with something.


SoccerMom said...


If my mother was reading this post she would need therapy! hahaha I for one am with you, let them be as long as they are safe this is the only way they are going to find what they excel at.

Mom said...

It drives Randall nuts.

Me, I just love hearing her say "I'm climbing" because the way she says it sounds like she's up to something.

She's a good climber, too.

Petula Wright said...

Oh I used to like climbing when it was just one ... now with three my sanity - pillows or not - just can't handle it. LOL.

LisaPetrarcaBlog said...

Oh...the climbing stage, can't say I miss those days, LOL! that I think about I do miss it!

Where have the years gone? Enjoy every stage, they FLY BY!