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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Video Games

I'm so excited about this new discovery. I never realized there were video games that were geared to the younger set. However, I visited my home away from home the other day and found this cool collection of games for children ages 3 and up. They have hand held game sets for $10 to $20 and a few joystick type sets that plug into the TV to play for less than $20. Some are educational and some are just for fun.

Now you're probably thinking that I have lost my mind, but really I haven't. I love video games. I think playing video games can be really good for kids. First, kids can learn perseverence through playing a game that takes time and patience to complete. Second, kids can improve their hand-eye coordination skills. Third, kids can improve their focusing skills. Add to the list that many games are now educational in nature and you have an all around wonderful way for kids to pass time.

Of course, playing video games for several hours a day on every day that ends in "Y" is not advisable.

For me, this new discovery has come at the most opportune time. Kira's birthday party will be August 30th because she'll be in the hospital (or just getting home) on her actual birthday. Then, with her in a cast for an extended period of time, there won't be much to do but hang out on the couch all day watching TV and / or playing video games. Well, I had thought that playing video games would not be a viable option for her until I found that there are games intended for kids her age.

I notified all the proper people --- can you say Grandma --- of this new discovery, and I'm certain that Kira's birthday packages will contain a video game or two for her to master during her stint on the couch.

Maybe she'll even let me play......


Liss said...

These can be a good thing and you can get educational games too. Plus I allow my son to play video games to also increase fine motor skills and coordination. As long as they are not play too much. But you poor darling girl isn’t going to be ale to do much for a little while so what ever makes her happy in her time of need I say!!