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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Dealing With Long Hair

Does your little princess have long hair?

Does she like having it brushed?

Does she wake up with tangles?

Well, I have a solution to the tangles issue. At night, before bedtime, braid your daughter's hair into one or two braids. The hair will stay untangled - for the most part, and she'll wake up without requiring a painful brushing. When you remove the braids, she'll have some gentle waves in her hair that will last most of the day.

For those times when brushing out tangles is necessary, there is an easy way to accomplish the task.

First, use a detangling spray or a leave-in conditioner. Soak the tangled areas with the spray and let them sit for a few minutes before you try brushing through them.

Second, start at the bottom of the hair and work your way upwards SLOWLY. Tangles usually release a lot easier if you start from the bottom.

Third, let her hair talk. Yes - talk! As you pull the brush through the hair make squeaking noises that are perfectly timed with the movements of the brush. When you reach a tangle, make screeching noises and make it funny. Ask you girl if she knew that her hair would talk? Be sure to tell her that YOUR hair never talked to you when you were growing up. (I know mine sure didn't. My mom just yanked and yelled. And when Grandma Janet first experienced the talking hair episode she was amazed at how much easier the whole thing was when it was fun. Apparently her mom just yanked and yelled, too.)


Petula Wright said...

Oh a detangling spray is a must here! My 3 year old sometimes acts like her brain is being pulled out. :)