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Sunday, August 3, 2008

It's A Snap!

I love providing my readers with useful information and tips to make their lives easier. I also love the idea of making money while doing what I love. I've discovered that making money while writing on my blog is a Snap with Snapbomb.

I noticed that some of my favorite bloggers have signed up with Snapbomb, so I decided to find out what the fuss was all about. Well, much to my surprise I've discovered that Snapbomb will pay bloggers to write about certain items that relate specifically to their blog content. I'm all for finding ways to generate an income, so I've signed up to be a Snapbomb endorser.

The best thing about Snapbomb is that I get to choose what I want to write about and what to write with regards to that particular topic. There is no coaching or required "endorsing" to be done, I just write what I really think about the issue at hand.

Now, as far as Snapbomb goes, I'm still undecided on what I really think. For starters, the amount of pay for each post is not a whole lot. Also, my first foray into the opportunities section only provided me with two writing opportunities. When I went back to the site to actually start writing, I found that one of those opportunities was no longer available even though it had only been a couple of hours since my previous viewing. That was a bit frustrating and confusing. However, I am not deterred just yet.

I took my leap of faith, figuring there is really nothing here to be lost, and opted to create a post for the one remaining opportunity. For this post, I am expected to write a review for Snapbomb. It is a bit difficult to review something that I've only just begun using, however, I can tell you how easy signing up and getting started has been.

The site is very easy to navigate and fairly self-explanatory. When you first sign up, you are required to add the Snapbomb "widget" to your blog site. The widget will then take 24 hours to "value" your page. This valuing determines a range of rates that you will be paid for the posts that you write.

Snapbomb pays its writers once each month via PayPal (a popular online paying method). Unlike most other online money making opportunities, Snapbomb does not require a minimum amount of earned income before payments are credited. This is good because many others require a minimum that seems to be unattainable.

If you happen to have your own blog, and would like to find ways to make a bit of money while you do what you love, check out Snapbomb. You may find that they have a few opportunities that you just can not pass up.