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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Just a Little Update...

I just wanted to let all my faithful readers know that little Miss Kira is walking.

Well - she can take 3 or 4 steps now without holding onto any furniture. She's still very wobbly and her knees still don't come together. She has a hard time bending her legs when she walks, too. It takes a great deal of effort and concentration. However, she is only a week out of her casts and is now moving forward - literally - with strength and persistence that just amazes me.

She's much more mobile through crawling now, too. She can generally go wherever she wants within the house. She does get tired fairly quickly, though, so I often have to round her up and relocate her at times.

Oh - one more thing - she can wear clothes again. We can actually manage to get pants and panties on now. Yeah - that's a real big deal around here since she's been without bottoms since the beginning of September. (Okay - we were using string bikini bottoms over the cast, but other than that... )


Jeanie said...

The resilience of children amaze me. They often deal with things and heal quicker than we do. I guess it is because we are the Mom and we are watching our hearts struggle to do the things often taken for granted.

Mom said...

She has been quite amazing.