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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Letters to Daddy

When my daughter, Kira, was born, I felt that I needed to do something special to help me mark her journey of growing up. At that time I wasn't much into photo albums or scrapbooks. I just couldn't see me trying to take pictures every day and then being able to recall what each picture was.

Kira was my husband's first child, so I decided to mark her first year in a way that would be special to both of them. Kira began writing letters to her Daddy. (Yes, I was the one writing, but the letters were from Kira and her perspective - or what I perceived her perspective to be.)

Now, Kira did not write letters every single day. On the days when something special happenned, she would write a letter to Daddy to tell him about her day. I did not tell Randall at first that I would be doing this. I just bought the special notebook and started writing. The first letter was written on the day that Daddy went back to work. When he came home that night, I handed him the notebook and told him to read. He was a bit perplexed but within minutes he was sitting on the sofa with teary eyes because Kira told him just how much she missed him while he was away.

This new notebook became special for everybody in the family. Randall's mother enjoyed reading Kira's letters. Randall looked forward to reading the letters. I would never tell him when new letters were written. He just made it part of his day to pick up the notebook and see if there was a new entry. Sometimes we talked about the letters and sometimes we didn't. I enjoyed writing them because it had become such a special treat for Randall.

Soon I will start reading Kira's letters to her. I know she will enjoy hearing about the adventures of her first year of life.

I didn't continue after the first year - and admittedly failed to complete the first year for Marisa - but when the girls are old enough to start writing (or dictating) letters then we'll begin writing letters to Daddy again. That is actually going to be part of our homeschooling lessons.

Letters don't have to be written to Daddy. They can be written to Mommy or Grandma or whomever plays an integral role in your child's life.


Kgraham said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, . Yep, I'm a homeschooling mom too... Nice to "meet" you :).

The Mind of a Mom said...

Ohhh what a wonderful idea! said...

I think you must be a very good mother and a very good wife too. God bless you.

Jeanie said...

I think that is a wonderful idea. When my husband deployed to Iraq I bought him a book from me and each of our girls so he had four books in all. They had a saying on each page to say how much he meant to us in different ways. Then we put our own thoughts on the page to go with it. Then we sent them to him for Christmas. I'm glad your husband can appreciate the value of those letters.

Liss said...

That is so beautiful and just as important as a photo if not even more personal.

Good luck with Kira cast coming off. I got to see one of these uncomfortable this in real life today as my best friend’s sisters 2year just broke is leg and in the same type of cast.

Mom said...


Tell your friend that if she needs any advice or help on how to take care of that cast that she can contact me via email.

Also, tell her I wish her little one a speedy recovery. Spica's are NO FUN AT ALL!

Mom said...


Thank you. I try hard to be both of those things. I succeed most of the time.

Mom said...


I love that idea. I can't imagine how difficult it must be for a family to endure deployment. I was lucky because my husband had already finished his military duty when we met. Thanks to you and your family - especially your husband - for the sacrifices you make to keep us all safe.

Michelle said...

What a beautiful idea to document your child's life. So sweet. Thanks for sharing this amazing story. Take care.

ModernMommy said...

What a great idea! I started out writing letters to my dd and still do a couple of times a month. I just give an update of all the new things she is doing and what a joy she is in our lives. My dad always wrote down the cute things we did or said and I always loved listening to him read them.

David Zen-Kennedy said...

This is a great idea. . . we wrote a letter to grandma today to tell her how much we appreciate her helping us.


Thank you for the comments on my site.

I'll be back!

Felicia said...

What a sweet, sweet idea!