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Monday, January 12, 2009

So Unfair!

Sick Husband + Sick Kids = Sick Me (?)

Well, I hope I dodge the bullet this one time. I came home from my vacation to find my husband is really sick. I finally bullied him into going to the doctor. His appointment is in about an hour.

My little ones started sneezing and coughing on Saturday. Now they both have full fledged colds, complete with fevers and yuckies.

Typically, all this sickness is followed by me getting sick because I spend so much time taking care of them that it's impossible to avoid their germs. So - just say a little prayer that maybe I won't get sick this time. I don't want to be sick.

UPDATE --- Randall just left the doctor. He has the flu! ICK!


April said...

Wash Wash Wash those hands Mom :D It's the number one way to keep from getting sick. Forget about those antibacterial soaps too just use good old regular soap it does just as good and doesn't create super bugs like teh antibacterial soaps do. Good luck I hope you skip the bugs :D

Sherrie said...

Here's hoping you won't get sick. I know it's no fun...DH and I have both been sick since returning from our vacation after C'mas, too. Took the littlest guy to the dr this afternoon to rule out an ear infection. I with the GA weather would just decide...cold or warm. That's not helping any of us. Stay well!

katef - said...

Oh no.. there is nothing worse than dealing with a sick family only to get sick yourself just as they start to get better! Rest up as much as you can, I hope you miss out on this bug!

Michelle said...

So sorry to hear the entire family is sick. That's no fun. My family and I just got over bronchitis. Yuck!! Hope you guys feel better soon. Thanks for stopping by my place.

melissa said...

i hope you are able to avoid it!!!
and i hope everyone else feels better.
thanks for stopping by to say hello!!

shydub said...

Hope everyone in your family feels better soon. I think not too late to get a flu shot.

Jendi said...

It is unfair!
We just went through it.
I can usually manage to skip the colds with good eating and vitamins, but the flus tend to get me.
Hope you're doing better.

Mom said...

Thank you for all your well wishes.

I took the two girls to the doctor today and he proclaimed that they have colds - not the flu (yet) - and promptly administered flu shots to them AND ME ( no fair ) in hopes that we won't catch the flu from Randall.