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Monday, January 26, 2009

Special Snacks

I just want to share a few ideas for snacks that your kids will really enjoy. It isn't anything special or extravagant, but it is guaranteed to keep them quiet for a few minutes.

1) Apples - Most kids love apples. For a twist to the typical apple snack add a spoonful of peanut butter to the plate for dipping. There are multiple advantages to peanut butter. First, it's a great source of protein. Second, it's sticky. Your little one will have too much sticky goo in her mouth to be chattering at you or begging for your attention - at least for a few minutes.

2) Mini Muffins - Muffins aren't exactly a nutritious snack, but they are a favorite around here. The good thing about muffins is that they are basically bread. Bread is very filling. Little ones who eat a bag of the mini muffins are generally not hungry again for at least ten minutes or so after they finish.

3) Trail Mix - Kids don't know that it's good for them. Filled with nuts and fruit (and a bit of chocolate), the kids will eat it without realizing that they are getting a good helping of vitamins and nutrition. Well, OK, let's be real here.... The kids will pick out all the chocolate and leave all the fruit and nuts. You get to eat the dried fruit and nuts without being tempted by all that chocolate because your little angels didn't leave any.


Sherrie said...

Thanks for sharing! We love snacks over here, and I'm always looking for "new" ideas.

Oh -- how do you get that post thing to stay at the top of your blog? I need to add something to the top of mine to the effect that "I make more than one post a day sometimes, so be sure to scroll down to see the latest" or something like that. I'd want it to stay at the top of the blog before any'd you do that? TIA!

Mom said...


Go to your customize layout section and add a gadget. Choose the text gadget where you can type whatever you want. Then drag that over to the top portion of your blog post area. Save and such and there you go... Let me know if you need any further assistance.

Sherrie said...

Who would have thunk that it was that easy? LOL! Thanks so much. Go check it out and let me know if it sounds okay please. :) Thanks again! said...

Apples are great snacks.

And Blogger is so user friendly. Otherwise, I would be clueless! said...

I just love snacks.