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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Books! Books! Books!

You may not know, but there is a wonderful way to stock up on books for your kids without paying full price. Scholastic, one of the most popular publishers of children's books, has special customer appreciation sales every so often to clear out their warehouse supplies. Books bought at this sale are a minimum of 50% less than what your kids pay for them at the popular school book fairs.

You can find out where a warehouse sale will be by checking out the Scholastic website. This link will take you directly to the section that provides the necessary information. Just click on your state and find out when and where the next sale will be. If there isn't a sale scheduled at this time, a message will be provided.

I have to avoid these sales at times because I can easily spend tons of money buying books there. My favorite series - Dear America - can be purchased for as little as $1.00 per book and as much as $5.00 per book. The store price is generally $10.95 or more. Being a homeschooler, there are certain books that I hope to collect and keep within easy reach for my girls. I think the first step in instilling a love of reading is having books available to be read. So whenever the sale comes to my area, my husband always groans with knowing regret that his wallet will be hit very hard if he doesn't keep me occupied for the duration. Of course, the sales generally last for several days so it isn't always easy for him to divert my attention...(hehehe)

Now that I've told you all about this wonderful thing that Scholastic does, I need to go find out if there will be a sale here any time soon.

Please note: If you sign up online before the sale, you will receive a very important 10% off discount coupon. Also, while these sales are targeted to teachers, you do not have to be a teacher or a homeschooler to take advantage of the sale.

Oh my gosh: I just looked and we have a sale next week! I'm giddy with excitement. Please don't tell my husband. Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy!


Bryan Karl said...

Oh books. How I love reading books. I get sad thinking that I have now less time for reading because of school and blogging. But I really love books. There's a store in a local mall named Book Sale that sells good and affordable books. Before I always save around $2 to buy one book to read...