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Thursday, March 26, 2009

OH MY!!!

I have 26 followers.

When did this happen?

HOW did this happen?

I'm just so shocked and amazed that so many people find my words to be worthy of their time.

You guys just don't know how much this means to me to see that list and watch it grow and grow and grow.

Thank you all so much!!!


Sandi said...

and I just added myself to now it's 27! haha :) I know how you feel. I have 94 now. It's crazy.

Petula said...

I'm a following! :)

Andrea Singer said...

I am not surprised, you have a great blog!

The Mother said...

Anyone with a blog knows EXACTLY how you feel.

Those numbers don't seem like much when you start, but they do mean more and more as time goes on, and you feel as though you're talking to the wind. Or your keyboard.