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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Kira's Going on a Date

Kira just left for a very special date with her favorite guy. I spent about an hour getting her dressed up and curling her hair just so she would be all prettied up for her guy.

Here's a couple of pictures for your enjoyment.

For those of you wondering who might be special enough to be taking my four year old daughter out on a date, rest assured that she's only allowed to go on dates with her Daddy until she turns 35.

(Well, Daddy thinks 35 is reasonable - Mommy says 16 or so... I'm sure Mommy will win that particular fight, but for now Kira's dates are only with her Daddy.)


Sherrie said...

Awww...she looks so cute. I think it's great that Daddy is taking her out on a date. I think dads need to do that more often with their little girls. Heck, moms need to have dates with their sons, too. :) Cute pictures! So, what are they going to do?

Mom said...

Randall took Kira to the mall to explore. They went to the Build-A-Bear Workshop, and Kira got to build her very own - not a bear...- PONY (with wings and a horn).

They had dinner and ice cream together, then back home to dish to Mommy about their date.

The Mind of a Mom said...

Ohh she looks so precious!! I hope they had a good date :o)
btw ~ I told the girl she would die if she had sex before she was married, what I failed to mention was it would be her dad that would killer her... hahahaha

Erin said...

Aaawww she is too precious!