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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I Did It

I went to the Dollar Tree today and purchased several squeeze bottles - the red and yellow ones generally intended for ketchup and mustard.

I bought a big bottle of clear laundry detergent.

I came home and poured detergent in each squeeze bottle.

I put a different food coloring in each bottle.

While I was doing all this, Randall was depositing the children into the bathtub.

After the paint was finished, I went to the bathroom and began squirting paint onto the girls, who immediately started begging for my paint bottles.

They spent nearly an hour in the bathtub painting rainbows on the walls and each other.

The water was a dark and dingy green color within a few short minutes, but I have no doubt that each and every inch of those girls is completely clean now, not to mention the giggling that I heard from the bathroom.


One Creative Queen said...

Awesome! I bet they LOVED it!!

The Mother said...

Just watch out for the red food coloring--it will stain. Probably not in the diluted amounts you're using, but when you drop a whole bottle on the floor (long story).

The Mind of a Mom said...

Now that just sounds like good clean fun! LoL

Michelle said...

Wow, what a great idea and cheap too. I'll have to try this some time for my little one. Thanks for the tip. Sounds like the kids had a blast.

Petula said...

:) Sounds cute! I'm glad they had fun. You're so creative.