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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Painting Walls

Do you have to repaint a wall or two? Do you want a bit of willing help with that painting job?

Well, enlist your kids to help.

Small children love to paint. You can give them a small paint brush and teach them how to paint the walls. Let them help with the first coat of paint. They'll be happy. You'll get some much needed help. Their painting skills will be irrelevant because you'll be painting over their work when you do the second coat of paint anyways.

I recommend letting your child use a small 1 inch painting brush or even smaller art brushes for their masterpiece. The smaller brushes hold much less paint and has a smaller chance of leaving clumps of paint on the wall.


The Mother said...

Even better--repainting is a GREAT punishment. They can't do any harm, and they HATE it. At least when they get to be teenagers.

I have a hallway that gets repainted once a year. I love it.

katherine said...

oh yeah why not..i need to re-paint our kitchen wall..maybe i will allow my son to join me. Thanks for the idea.

BTW, thanks for the nice comment to my blog.

Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

This is a great idea! I teach elementary art...and little do most people know, painting also has a very calming effect on young children. I've had many a class painting in silence without even realizing that they weren't talking. Cute idea:)

Mom said...

Oh dear Nancy, please tell me how you do it.

The paint brushes come out and my girls start talking. They talk nonstop. Actually, Kira chats and chats and chats. She just won't SHUT UP! It's quite annoying.

I prefer to paint in silence. I find it calming. I get barraged by a litany of useless conversation that just keeps going and going and going and going and going...

It seriously makes me want to scream.