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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Popular Mechanics

Do you want to get your kids interested in Science and find that they are resistant?

Well.... I found something that works wonders for teaching Science.

Popular Mechanics for Kids

I'm very lucky that my library has several videos from PMK. We get them all the time. Right now we're watching the one about slimy creatures. It's kind of gross, but there's a ton of educational information and the kids just love the grossness of it all.

I'm glad that there are a few videos that aren't nearly as gross as this one.

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Petula said...

My kids would love it regardless of it was gross or not. I need to start teaching the some Science lessons surrounding the bugs that they're always investigating. :)

Mom said...


This Popular Mechanics - Slimy Creepy Crawly DVD is definitely what you want. It has some really cool ideas on how to lure bugs out for investigating. I'll even be doing some of these tricks with the girls pretty soon.

Teen Supermodels said...

thank you for your sharing and thoughts ;)

hoping you had a great day ;)

The Mother said...

Mythbusters!(Discovery channel) These guys use the scientific method to explore the popular myths out there. They're a great intro to science, and they blow stuff up routinely. My kids love it.

Mom said...

My husband loves Myth Busters. It's a bit beyond the scope of my girls' intellect at the moment, but I'm sure they'll also enjoy that when they get older.

(I think my husband's favorite part is the fact that they blow stuff up regularly...)