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Friday, August 21, 2009

Upcoming Event ...

I do believe one of the most exciting things has happened to me - and this blog - since the beginning of my entrance into the blogosphere. (Well, okay, that's stretching it a bit. Kira crossing her legs was definitely more exciting...)

In the near future, I will be receiving this really cool school pack from CSN Stores. They want a review from me.


How cool is that?

I even got to pick the item to be reviewed. I can't wait to check out this item and see what Miss Kira thinks of it. She's a bit over the top about horses. I'll be writing all about it here in the near future, so keep an eye out.

They have a luggage store and a mattress store that they asked me to check out.

Let me tell you, I spent about an hour roaming around their online stores yesterday. I had such a wonderful time just shopping around for all the different items that I would love to have. I found LOTS of items that I would just love to add to my chaos. I settled on the school pack for Kira, though.

What I really enjoyed about my experience shopping around their stores yesterday is just how darn easy it was. I hate going to sites where navigating between locations is more difficult than walking through a warehouse sized shopping center without a map. This was not an issue with the CSN Stores. I went from spot to spot to spot without any effort at all. The site is so user friendly. I love user friendly.

Anyways, be prepared to hear more about this from me in the near future. I'm pretty darn sure that Kira will be thrilled with the backpack. Anything with horses on it is an instant hit around here...


Neo said...

Wow...nice to hear that you're enjoying the shopping..Infact everyone does..I also enjoyed reading some of your other posts.

Thanks and I will be regularly visiting your blog.

Thanks again.

Random Surprises said...

That's good to know, especially if you get to choose the item to be reviewed. :)

Have a great weekend!