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Monday, September 7, 2009

Fevers In Children

NEVER let your child drink milk when she's had a fever. No matter how much she begs for milk because it's the only thing that feels good on her throat...



The Mind of a Mom said...

Ohhh I know that is an unwritten mom rule!! And no aspirin ever to anyone under the age of 12!!! Tylenol, ibuprofen are okay or just a cold cloth on the back of the neck. Most importantly lots of mom love. I hope she is feeling better

Crista said...

Uh oh...4 kids, and I've never heard that one...Will I be sorry if I ask why? (or maybe it's why not...)

Petula said...

None of my children have ever asked for milk when they don't feel well... does it turn their little tummies?

I'm so sorry the girls aren't feeling well.

Melissa said...

That is not really a rule in stone. If a child will only drink milk, milk is better than them becoming dehydrated. Some kids will refuse everything else.

Mom said...

Yeah - Kira really wanted some milk yesterday. Really really really wanted it.

About 20 minutes later I was getting her in the car to get to the doctor. She started throwing up. She was holding a towel and trying to catch the mess - and it splattered - ALL OVER ME!!!

When they have a fever, milk will curdle on their stomach from the excess heat and they are more likely to get sick over it.

Liss said...

on not not in the car. My daughter one threw up after eating ice cram in the car and it was everywhere.
we had no towel , it was all over her and the car.
oh and the smell took months to leave.