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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thermometer Batteries Die

Did you know that those digital thermometers are powered by batteries?

Did you know that those batteries die?

Did you know that they often die in the middle of the night when you really, really need to know just how high the three year old's fever is?

Yeah --- well trust me when I say --- THEY DO!!!

To avoid a middle of the night crisis where somebody (not me) has to rush out to the store in order to purchase a new thermometer to get an accurate temperature of an ailing child, I have a bit of a recommendation.

Now - not that this would ever happen in Mom's house --- And it certainly DID NOT happen LAST NIGHT --- but the thought occurred to me today that these things COULD happen if one were not properly prepared.

My tip for the day is this:

Buy a new thermometer or new batteries for your existing thermometer. Keep it handy just in case you ever happen to need it in the middle of the night.

Your husband will thank you for not having to get up and get dressed at 2:30 in the morning to go out to the nearest 24 hour store to find a new thermometer. (not that we've had that problem here, you know...)

On a side note: Marisa is doing just fine. The doctor assures me that she only has a cold. The doctor also assures me that sleeping all day is quite normal after being up all night with a fever of an undetermined severity due to the inability to locate a working thermometer...


Petula said...

I'm glad that didn't happen to you. :) And, no I didn't know that the thermometer battery could die. I have like three or four of those things, bought or obtained and I didn't know that. I've used them forever... well, I wanna say when Amber was a baby, but I'm not sure way back then. HOWEVER, that is good to know.

Kiss Marisa for me and tell her that I'm glad she didn't have to be up all night with a fever and a slightly worried mommy and daddy.

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Yes, that's a very practical advice. Saves us unnecessary trip to the 24 hour convenient store in the wee hours of the morning. A handy thermometer is a must in all homes especially in times of emergency. Thanks for the practical post. God bless you always.