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Friday, October 23, 2009

Feeding Toddlers

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If you have small children, I'm sure you've noticed the cute little toddler meals that can be purchased for a pretty steep fee. It's a bit of a pricey way to feed a child that may or may not enjoy whatever is being placed in front of them. Personally, I've never purchased any of those expensive little meals. I have a far more economical way to feed little people who like to pick up their food with little fingers and still need that food to be soft enough to avoid any potential for choking hazards.

Hopefully by now you're wondering what special way I have devised to feed little people without breaking the bank and giving into the commercialization that is rampant within our world. It's really quite simple.


No, I don't mean to say that you should feed your child a bowl of messy soup that will splatter all over the floor and the child and anything else within easy reach. However, the vegetables and pasta in soup is very soft and easy to chew. The meat that is in soup is also very small and perfect for little fingers and little teeth.

Here's what you do.

Fix the soup of your choice according to the directions on the can.
After the soup is hot, drain all the liquid off.
Serve the veggies, meat, and pasta to your little one. (Make sure it's cool enough to be eaten.)

Voila! Little Toddler Meals without the expense.

Now, if sodium is something you are concerned about, you can get soups with low sodium content. Soups are also very versatile. There are so many different flavors that you can serve soup to your toddler every single day of the week and not duplicate even once. Add some crackers or toast and the meal is complete.

One can of soup will feed your toddler and you or your older children. Any soup that isn't eaten can be refrigerated and saved for another meal or added to casseroles or soups of the "grown up" variety.


The Mind of a Mom said...

This is why I missed seeing you over at my blog :o(
How are my "nieces"?
I have to also apologize for not calling things have been so crazy busy.
talk soon