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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A new blogger

Hi all.

I will be contributing occasionally to this blog – to give a perspective from Dad’s point of view. Thus, I thought I would tell you a little bit about myself before I begin bloviating on matters that I probably don’t know nearly as much about as I think I do.

My name is Randall and I have the privilege of sharing my life with Shaunalynn – who is, without question, the best thing ever to happen to me. (Here’s a tissue to wipe some of the sap off)

I’m a lawyer, but not the kind that makes a lot of money – rather I am a public defender. It is my job to represent people whom the government accuses of crimes, but who cannot afford to hire counsel to protect their interests and their rights.

I enjoy hiking, camping, photography, college football, and I am a voracious reader. But most of all, I like being with my family – spending time with Shaunalynn, watching the kids learn new things as they discover and explore the world around them.

It’s a pleasure to join this effort and I hope I can add something useful, or at least interesting, to the discussion.


Mom said...

Bloviating? You used the word bloviating.


Yes - world - he actually uses words of this nature in his daily speech. He loves using these kinds of words.

bloviate means "to speak pompously and excessively" or "to expound ridiculously"


By the way, you will likely need more than one tissue to wipe off his sap. He is very sappy...

The Mind of a Mom said...

Dear Randall
I am the other woman in your wife's blog life :o)
You are right your wife is a kind and funny and wonderful mom and woman! and it is my pleasure to have her as a friend. I look forward to hearing your point of view.
Take Care