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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Everybody is a Winner

Here's the list of those entered into my giveaway.

1) John   (12 posts in the forum)
2) Cornyman   (0 posts in the forum)

3) Petula   (0 posts in the forum)

4) Sandy   (2 posts in the forum)

5) Robin   (4 posts in the forum)

6) Russ   (1 posts in the forum)

7) Zizzy   (9 posts in the forum)

Well - There are 7 prizes and 7 entrants. There were people who commented, but didn't join the forum. There were people who joined the forum, but didn't comment. The people listed above are the ones who qualified. So what we're going to do is this...

1) I'm going to Random Generate the list to see who gets first choice of the prizes.

2) We'll go in order down that list and let the winner choose which prize they want. To do this, leave me a comment to tell me you first three choices --- IN ORDER OF YOUR PREFERENCES. If you are selecting EC credits, be sure to give us a link to your EC profile. If you are selecting something that will need to be mailed - please comment here with your prize choices and then email me at with the appropriate information. Please DO NOT leave your mailing address in the comments section. For advertisements, please email me the 125 card and the link so I can set up your ad. Also tell us which blog you want your ad to be placed on.

The prizes are:

1) 125 X 125 advertising on my sidebar - the ad will be placed directly above the Entrecard Widget.
2) 500 Entrecard Credits
3) 300 Entrecard Credits
4) 100 Entrecard Credits
5) Scrapbook Supplies Goody Bag (my camera is currently without battery power - trust me that the goody bag will be suitably impressive ... I'll try to get a picture this weekend and get it posted)
6) Set of 20 Hand Made Greeting Cards (again - picture to follow...)
7) 125 X 125 advertising at Spicybugz website - placement to be determined later. (I haven't actually asked her about this, so while I can offer the ad - I can't guarantee where she will put it... bwa ha ha...)
8) Sponsored by Eli at Business Sphere: 1,500 EC to ONE lucky winner **Thank you, Eli.**

**I never did manage to get pictures of those cards and scrapbook goodies. I am so sorry. I hope that whomever wins that will trust that their prize package will be well worth winning. **

Special Prizes from Sponsors. 

9) Sponsored by Cornyman: 150 EC Credits for EACH participant who a) REGISTERS in the forum, b) COMMENTS below, AND c) is ACTIVELY PARTICIPATING in the forum during the contest time. **Thank you, Cornyman, for such a generous sponsorship.**

10) Sponsored by Spicybugz: 5,000 EC Credits will be given to the person who is most active in the forums as of the end of this contest.



My random method of prize determination is as follows: I took out 7 index cards and wrote the numbers 1 through 7 on them (one number per card). I folded these cards into tiny bits and added them to a bowl. I then sat down on the floor with my two adorable daughters and let them pick our winners. (Actually, Dad picked the first winner so that each girl would end up with the exact same amount of cards when we were finished. Yes, it matters... Just ask them. They'll tell you. )

So here are the awaited results.

First prize winner is Number 3. (That would be Petula.)
Second prize winner is Number 2. (Cornyman)
Third prize winner is Number 7. (Zizzy)
Fourth prize winner is Number 5. (Robin)
Fifth prize winner is Number 1. (John)
Sixth prize winner is Number 4. (Sandy)
Seventh prize winner is Number 6. (Russ)

All that's left to do is give me your top 3 preferences for prizes. We'll go in order of the top winner down to the bottom. Petula - you get first choice...


zizzybob said...

Wow, Wow, Wow, I won, well 3rd ain't bad. I would love to have some handmade greeting cards, or some scrapbook supplies or a 125x125 ad.
Thanks a bunch.

Petula said...

How cool is that?! Thanks... :) Now you know I'm confused, right? LOL. My brain is so foggy today it isn't funny, but luckily I have not feeling good as an excuse. I really would like what Zizzybob said (greeting cards then scrapbooking stuff! 'Cause I have some fab ideas for Christmas presents), but she said it first. So do I still get to pick first? But then I feel bad 'cause she said it first. So, I have no idea what I want besides that. After that I would like the ad placement.

Thanks again! This is cool! :)

Mom said...

Yes, Pet. You still get first choice. Don't worry about Zizzy. I'll take real good care of her.

So you want home made greeting cards. That's your first choice? Just to verify...

John | English Wilderness said...

That's fantastic news, I don't often win much! :-)

I'd prefer one of the 125x125px ads if they're still available when it's my turn to choose.


SANDY said...

Sorry I didn't make it back to comment further. I'm always rather slow at learning new things that involve techiness; but get really excited when I finally get it. lol

All the prizes sound pretty nice to me. Looks like the greeting cards have quite a following so since I'm further down the list I won't ask for those.

And...shoot, need to go back and look at your list again. I've forgotten the others.


sandy said...

John asked for the ad, but he didn't say here or Spicey's guess I'll say thank you and be happy with things as they fall out.


Mom said...

Hey Sandy. If you really want greeting cards, I can do that. I have TONS of handmade cards. I will be more than happy to send you some in lieu of any of the other things.

Let me know what you want to do.

cornyman said...

The winners who made the comments in the forum shall send me their EC-Profile links so they will get each the 150 EC

I didn't join the contest, even when i registered in the forum, just wanted to sponsor :)