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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Lessons Learned

This weekend has been incredibly eventful. I only have a brief moment tonight, but I want to share with you what I have learned over the past couple of days.

1) Home made costumes are far better than store bought costumes. It doesn't matter how uncreative one might be your young child will enjoy that hand made costume so much and won't even notice all the imperfections.

2) Turkey basters make awesome unicorn horns. You just pop the bulb off of the end and add glitter.

3) When using super glue, it is highly advisable to use latex gloves. This is especially true when you are gluing a unicorn horn to a headband that has fake hair attached to it.

4) You will need three times the amount of super glue that you originally anticipated because most of the first two tubes will end up on your hands instead of on the desired articles.

5) If your child is going to be a fairy for Halloween, provide that child with a bucket full of glitter so she can spread fairy dust over all her candy givers. (No, I did not do this. I thought about it after we were finished and thought how wonderfully cute that would have been.)

6) It's easier than you might imagine to ignore the buckets of candy when you're trying to lose weight and know that you shouldn't delve into the chocolate.


Dad said...

Yep - homemade costumes are the absolute best. When we look at kids' costumes through adult eyes, it is easy to see the flaws and lack of refinement - and it is even easier to look at other kids in their expensive store-bought costumes and compare (to the detriment of the homemade costume).


Look at it through the eyes of the child. Kira didn't care that her hooves were some colored ribbon, that her mane and tail were christmas tinsel and her horn a turkey baster coated in glitter. In her mind's eye, she was a beautiful unicorn with rainbow hooves, a silver mane and tail, and a magical golden horn. To her, the whole thing was pure magic - which is exactly as it should be for the little ones.

To me, at least, it was wonderfully refreshing to watch Kira and Marisa immerse themselves in the wonder of the evening. I didn't dress up, but for that night I felt like a child again as the joy Kira and Marisa were experiencing rubbed off...

Mom said...

...and I felt like the greatest Mom in the universe.

carol said...

my lesson learned is it's ok to let your 2 year old wear his facorite buzz light year pajamas as a costume.

Petula said...

#3: LOL... Yea, I've had a superglue smooth patch of skin before, but luckily have not had anything stuck to me. :) Sounds like a lot of fairy fun! :)