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Friday, November 27, 2009

A Simple Request

In keep with the Thanksgiving theme this week I'd like to ask you to take a moment of time and visit with a fellowette mom in need. Perri's need is twofold and very simple. First Perri needs lots of prayers. Because of the amazing group you all are I know that you can and will surely expend all your thought and prayers without hesitation!

Perri's blog is
Please take a moment or two to read her story(s) of her son Ryan. Perri was truly sent from God to look after Ryan and Ryan is truly her little treasure! Her blog posts will help explain why the prayers.

Ryan is 10 years old and he is going through some struggles. Ryan is temporarily away from home and this is where the second part of the request comes in. Ryan would like to have some mail to help get through this difficult time and help him feel not so lost. Don't you thing the second part of the need is just as easy and inexpensive as the first part? Ya, that's what I thought :o)

If you would please send a card or letter from where-ever you are sure to make one little boy very happy.
I sent a card with a letter and some pictures of Toronto and I definitely included lots of prayers!

Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone and Thank you xoxo
Be Safe
God Bless

Contributed by: The Mind of a Mom


Petula said...

Although I'm late in finding this out I am still going to go and see what's going on. Great of you to post this - you have a gigantic heart!

How have you been feeling?