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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Edible Arrangements


I'm flipping through a magazine that I confiscated from my friend's recycle box (and she really should just save them all for me instead of trying to ditch them like that because I love flipping through magazines but can't spare the extra cash to throw away on buying them...). I just came across this picture of these gorgeous flowers made from pineapples and cantaloupe.

See this picture --- this is what I am looking at in this fitness magazine...


This gorgeous display of deliciosity comes from Edible Arrangements.

Twice in my life I have had the sheer pleasure of receiving an arrangement of this nature. I can't remember the exact arrangement that I was so blessed to receive, but they both had strawberries in them. (divine divine divine - only thing missing was the chocolate ) 

The first gift I received was from a friend whom I had spent a few months with, teaching her how to cook. When we were "all done" with our lessons, she sent me one of these arrangements as a "Thank you." gift. Have no doubt that I started lobbying hard for the next round of whatever lessons she might need to undertake. Those arrangements are G-O-O-D!!! 

The second time I received a bouquet from Edible Arrangements was when Randall was in the hospital last January. I remember sitting in the lobby area on the floor talking with my mother-in-law and soon to be sister-in-law when the delivery man walked through the elevator with two of those bouquets of deliciosity in hand. I told him he didn't need to go any further, that one of those was for me. He laughed. I laughed. He went on his merry way. (For some reason he just didn't believe me...)  

When I returned to my husband's room, there sat one of those coveted bouquets - sent to us from the same friend who had sent the one before. She knew how much I had enjoyed that particular gift and knew that I would not be taking much time to feed myself properly being stuck in the hospital and staying relatively close to Randall's side. I was tickled to find that one of those bouquets really had been for me. I rushed back to the lobby and gushed to my family that they needed to come share in the deliciousness of fresh fruit that was also very pretty to look at. 

What surprises me most about this particular gift is that it isn't that much different in price from what you would spend to purchase a decent bouquet of flowers. That picture up there ... the one I'm currently staring at ... It's only $52.00 plus the delivery fees. Really, you would spend that on a good size bouquet of flowers - and the recipient can't eat the flowers. 

Now, I know my dear husband reads these posts. It just so happens that there is a store not too far from where we live. 

Imagine that!

**Maybe I need to rethink this whole "no need to bother with Valentine's Day." state of mind...  Think after 11 years of ignoring V-Day he could be retrained?**

(deliciosity: deliciousness that is so amazing and wonderful that Mom had to make up her very own word in order to adequately describe how wonderful this fruit tastes)


spinninglovelydays said...

You're right, I'd rather receive one of those than a floral bouquet anytime. Healthy, gorgeous, fun, and delicious - sounds like a winning combo :)

Mom's Cafe Home Cooking said...

Oh my is that every lovely looking! What a unique presentation. I'll bet it would be easy enough to duplicate using the appropriate fruit, cookie cutters and skewers.

czaroma said...

wow that's absolutely amazing! love it :)

Anonymous said...

that was me! I'm the friend!!!

Yeah for my shout out.

BK said...

Interesting arrangement. I have yet to see an arrangement like this. I think it is good to be able to receive something like this. You just may get another on Valentine's Day. :)

Petula said...

LOL... I think I caught the not-so-subtle hint of saving the magazines for you. I'll be sure to do that for all the ones that are spared from Andre's homework assignments. :)

I've never received an arrangement like that, but would love to. It is way more practical than sending flowers.