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Sunday, January 17, 2010

How Dad Became a Hero...

It was a cold and dreary night in Atlanta. The kids were restless and bored. There was nothing to do. Mom wasn't feeling well and spent most of the evening sleeping, so the kids entertained themselves with movies and other assorted things that children like to do. As kids will do, they quickly tired of all the normal stuff and found themselves lost in the realm of boredom with no end in sight.

Until Dad came to the rescue... 

Pulling out the coloring books and color pencils, Dad took the boredom by the horns and wrestled it away with swift and sturdy movements. He planted himself in the middle of the room and became surrounded by two enchanted little girls. As Dad began to color in the books, coloring became the activity of the evening. Indeed, the children were amazed at the focus and skill with which Dad conquered the blank pages of the coloring book.

Hour by hour, they sat in the floor and watched as Dad colored picture after picture. Both girls joined in with their own coloring books because if Dad was coloring then coloring must be cool.

Coloring had taken on a new allure.

And Dad had become a Hero.


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