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Friday, February 25, 2011

To Tell or Not to Tell...

I was having a conversation with my son the other day about friends and such. He's sixteen now and getting information from him is worse than pulling teeth with no pain killers. This particular day, though, I must have asked the right questions.

I asked him if any of his friends drink alcohol. His response was to tell me that he was smart enough not to tell me if they were. Okay - fair enough. I guess I can see his point.

Then I asked him if any of his friends do illegal drugs. His response was to tell me that if they were, they were smart enough not to tell him.

I must be doing something right...


Leanne said...

Good for you! My sixteen year old just smiles. But, I think we're okay still. With a big Emphasis on THINK. Sigh.

TwiceTheFlowerHatsandHeadbands said...

good response..from both of you..

Mama T said...

I was randomly surfing blogs and came across yours.
Enjoyed the posts I read!
Made me miss my parenting days.
(even those teen years)

Best wishes to you & your family.

Donna said...

Good job!