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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Bubbles Bubbles Everywhere

We took Marisa out to the park last night for a picnic dinner. She was far too busy watching kites and frisbees to be bothered with eating. While we were there, a mom just a few feet away from us broke out the bubbles. As any seasoned mom knows, bubbles are magical objects that can entertain children for hours at a time.

We don't do bubbles here very often because I have asthma and blowing bubbles is not an easy feat for me. Two or three puffs of bubbles and I'm done, while the kids are still begging for more. Well, this wonderful mom had this amazing battery operated contraption that used a small fan to blow bubbles by the hundreds. It was the coolest little toy. She would dip the front into the bubble solution and then push a button. The fan would turn on and the world was covered with hundreds and hundreds of bubbles, much to the delight of every child within 50 feet of her, including my own. She was quickly the most popular parent in the area.

Turns out this nifty little bubble maker can be found at Wal-Mart. She was nice enough to share her information with me, much to my husband's dismay. See, after we left the park, I insisted on going to the store to get my very own bubble maker. Indeed, I ended up with FOUR bubble makers of various sizes. Today at Grandma's house we were able to experiment with my new bubble makers. The girls absolutely loved these new toys of mine. They were even able to operate the bubble makers themselves. I was surprised that my (almost) 2 yr old was able to make her very own bubbles. She, of course, was thrilled to no end by this whole process of creating her very own bubbles.

I highly recommend these new machines. You can find them in the toy section of your local store. I would give you the manufacturer's name, but I never noticed and now the packages are gone.

Be sure to buy lots of extra bubble solution. You will go through the solution that is included in the pack within just a few minutes.


SoccerMom said...

Hey Mom

Instead of buying lots of extra bubbles, just use dish soap. Add a little water to thin it down a bit and for an extra special treat you can add a little kool-aid to it for coloured bubbles. That way if the bubbles get on them or their cloths it washes right off!

Have fun

Mom said...

Thanks for the tip. I never considered dish soap.