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Friday, April 4, 2008

Favorites of Today

I finally got around to asking Kira what her favorites are. All her answers have changed from that first discussion about favorites. Here are her answers.


Color - red, pink, and yellow

Shirt - Alphabet shirt (She just happens to be wearing this one right now.)

Shoes - Purple Crocs (Her sister got a pair of purple Crocs and she didn't. So now that has to be her favorite until she gets her own pair - which just isn't going to happen unless some random Grandma is manipulated into buying them.)

Book - Curious George

Song - Herman the Worm

Movie - The Magic School Bus (Right now, the fave is Creepy Crawly Fun. She loves them all, though.)

Food - Pop Tart (Guess what she was eating when I asked this question.)

Drink - Chocolate milk

Toy - Baby Glow Worm (Kira wouldn't have anything to do with that worm until Marisa decided she loved the worm. Now Kira loves the worm, too.)

Pet - Guinea pigs

Place - Sleepy Town (I don't think she fully understands what that means...she hates to go to sleep.)

Person - Me...good answer, Kira, good answer.

Bug - Lady Bugs (Grandma just bought a few thousand lady bugs and set them free on her rose bushes.)

Flower - Roses

Cat - Talia (We have three cats and Talia is the only one that tolerates being petted by little people.)

As you can see, I expanded my list. Kira kept asking me to do "more" questions. Far be it from me to discourage open communication. She wants to answer questions, I'll keep asking as long as my imagination can keep up. Too soon the day will come when my questions will be met with "nothing" or "I dunno" or just a shrug.

So now I have to go find more questions to ask and hope for more answers to cherish.

I have found that talking about the silly things with the children when they are young will lead to discussions about the serious things when they are older. In my house, I have a policy of being open to discuss any topic. By this I mean ANY topic. My older children know that if they want an answer they can ask me and I will answer them regardless of how difficult or embarrassing the answer may be for either of us. This is a good policy to have. I have been blessed with open discussions about sex, drugs, cheating, stealing, smoking, and several other topics that teens generally refuse to talk about with their parents.

Talk early and talk often. That is the best way to be. Be willing and ready to talk about anything and everything. If you don't tell them, somebody will. And do you really want your child to learn the important lessons from kids their own age?


Petula Wright said...

Very cute! I didn't know that one could purchase ladybugs! LOL!... sorry, I digress... her answers are so cute and it'll be cool to look back on this in a year or so.