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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Meet the Gang - Part 2

Grandma Shari - I wouldn't tell you her age even if I could manage to remember. She's the mom of Randall and the Grandma every mom dreams of having for her kids.

Through all the years we've had only one major disagreement --- SHOES. I hate shoes. I kick them off the minute I walk in the door. Shari, on the other hand, has to wear shoes or she can't walk. Also, she grew up in Iowa so shoes were a necessity. I grew up in Georgia where shoes are generally optional with the exception of two weeks in the winter when it pretends to snow. My girls, of course, have learned to lose the shoes whenever possible. I think if Shari could have forced any one issue in my parenting it would have been the shoes. But being the intelligent mother-in-law that she is, she just kept her shoe opinions to herself.


Mom said...

Of course, we did disagree about our major disagreement. She thinks our major disagreement was about bottles...

Petula Wright said...

LOL! That's funny... even funnier with your added comment. Sounds like you get along pretty well and that's good.

BTW: When you get the chance, and if you want!, come by and enter my contest! Thanks and good luck!

SoccerMom said...

Hey mom, what precious little girls you have!
I am very lucky like you I have an amazing
mother-in-law that I would not trade for the world.