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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Meet the Gang - Part 3

Grandma Janet - She's another one who I won't be sharing her age. I don't need any Grandma Mutiny on my hands. This is Randall's stepmother and, as you can see, she just loves those girls.

Until recently, Janet made Friday such a special and exciting day because Friday meant that the girls would be leaving for at least a few hours to go to Janet's house unless they were already planning to go to Grandma Shari's house. Between the two Grandmas, weekends were hardly ever spent at home unless we, the parents, made an appointment to have our girls home. Since Janet retired, the girls tend to spend their weekends at home or with Grandma Shari. Now, they go off to Grandma Janet's during the week, so I still get some much needed free time.


Mom said...

I would also like to add that THIS is the Grandma that brings them home with a full box of mini sugar cookies, complete with icing and sprinkles, and then probably laughs all the way back to her house knowing that I will spend the next two days doling out little sugar highs every few minutes just to keep the monsters from rebelling.

Yes, today is a "Can I have one of my cookies?" day. Thank you Grandma for the little yellow cookies. Kira truly does appreciate your sick sense of humor --- ahem, generosity...

SoccerMom said...

That's what grandma's do and yes they do laugh on the way back home! LoL

Both grandma's look amazing I want them to be my grandma especially Janet because I love cookie. :o)