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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Today's Entertainment

Today's entertainment tip is just for the parents. I don't really recommend sharing this with your children unless they are old enough to truly appreciate the humor to be found in failure.

Randall introduced me to a new website last night. I spent at least an hour last night laughing myself into an asthma attack. This is so funny.

Fail Blog is this wonderful site that depicts photographs of failure. Yes, that's right. Somebody has compiled a unique and hilarious collection of photographs that show just how bad - and funny - failure can be.

You'll notice, too, that I have added Fail Blog to my Sites to See list so you (and I) can easily access this site whenever a good giggle is needed.

Be forewarned, though. You do not want to view this site from work or anywhere where uncontrolled laughter will be an issue. Oh, and some of the photos may be a bit offensive (though not inappropriate) - particularly if it happens to be you who failed....


Liss said...

I just check this out. It has some funny pictures posted there.

I can't view it from work as the have blocked blogging sites form our internet access. I'm suffering withdrawals now. If they block Flickr my life is over. LOL!

Petula Wright said...

Those are really funny! Thanks for sharing that. I like that it's so quick and easy to view and enjoy.

SoccerMom said...

I love the ones at the end they are classic! I am glad I am in the office by myself.

thanks for the laugh