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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Meet the Gang - Part 5

Gibson - He's 13 years old (until July). He plays the trombone in Band and participates in Choi Kwang Do. I think he's up to a Blue Belt now, but I'm not real sure. I have a hard time keeping up with that.
His loves the American flag and anything patriotic. He also loves playing on the computer. He would gladly spend an entire day in front of the computer, moving only to acquire food and visit the bathroom. This has actually happened on occasion, too.
He has an extreme aversion to getting his hands dirty. He never finger painted or drew on himself. Only once in his life has he been involved with playing in the mud and that took some serious thought and concentration on his part before he decided it would be fun enough to have the consequence of getting dirty. He hit the showers immediately after that epic mud fight.
He loves to camp and explore the woods. He adores animals of all kinds and if there is an animal hurting, he will do his best to fix the problem. He tried to nurse three abandoned newborn kittens and when they inevitably died, he cried so hard at the unfairness of it all and then insisted on burying the little kittens in the yard. I love this about him because it shows me that he has a high level of compassion.


Momala said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and entering my giveaway! Visit any time! I have 14yo boy who sounds a lot like your 13yo. He loves animals too and he wants to be a vet.