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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Meet the Gang - Part 6

Marisa - Almost 2 years old. Her birthday is May 1st and we can't quite figure out how she came to be nearing her second birthday.
Marisa has an innate mischievousness that is quite evident in the first two pictures here. She certainly was not intending to take the cat's food away when the cat was busy eating. You can see that, right?
She is a climber and an artist. My walls are evident of both of these facts, having markings in various places - many of which could not have been reached by Miss Picasso without some climbing. She smells pens and pencils and somehow locates them even when they are under lock and key. She also has no concerns with the displeasure that Mommy and Daddy may exhibit with regards to whatever the current art project may be. She does not acknowledge the word "NO" in any manner, except to grin mischievously and continue on her merry way to do as she pleases. She has even been known to do as she pleases and then pop her own hand for having disobeyed, then giggle at her own cleverness.
A snuggle bug and a Mommy's baby, there is nobody in the world that will do when Mommy is what she wants. Daddy is merely chopped liver that must be acknowledged occasionally with a tiny hug and a blown kiss. His arrival home from work is good for an exclamation of glee and then a complete and thorough ignoring.
If ever a child had a hair-pin trigger, this would be the one. She has a switch that flips so quickly it is unbelievable. The temper tantrums started as early as 3 months of age and have been filled with dramatics worthy of the greatest actors' awards. I doubt we have made this phenomenon any better because when she throws herself to the floor in the throes of a tantrum we generally can't resist indulging in fits of laughter because she is just so darn funny when she flings herself onto the floor, after assuring herself that there is nothing to bang her head on, and commences the production of heartbroken sobs. Even more amusing is what causes her fits.
She wants a drink and it isn't delivered quickly enough - TANTRUM.
She wants a hug and it isn't delivered quickly enough - TANTRUM.
She wants a bite and it isn't delivered quickly enough - TANTRUM.
She wants to play in the cat food and she's removed - TANTRUM.
She wants her pacifier (AKA: Fi Fi) and it isn't delivered quickly enough - TANTRUM.
Daddy dares to pick her up when she wants nothing to do with him - TANTRUM.
Somebody walks down the stairs without her when she wanted to go with them - TANTRUM.
We endure several of these performances on most days. But then there is that adorable face and those sweet hugs and kisses, so what's a Mommy to do?


Mom said...

Isn't it so nice for somebody to waste their time to leave such an inane comment on my site?

I did happen to visit the link, as directed. I found it neither cool, nor funny. Sadly, it is a poor attempt to replicate what others have done far better.

Mom recommends that any faithful readers simply skip the link. The supposedly funny pictures just aren't. Your time is far better invested at Fail Blog or Funny Pics as indicated in my Sites to See list.

This link definitely does not qualify as a Site to See.

SoccerMom said...

You know what mom, I care, I am having a blast meeting the crew!
And because you said so, I am not going to that site.
There is no room for ignorant people that are wasting others time. Thanks for letting us know before we went there.

Take care

Petula Wright said...

LOL! I am familiar with this personality... but, unfortunately, it already shows in my 11 month old! Your toddler is so sweet looking and beautiful -- it's always the sweet-looking ones that give us a run for the money.

a nony mouse said...

You can remove the meaningless comment with just two clicks. That will also get rid of that dweeb's self-promotion

Mom said...

Yes, dear, but I can't seem to figure out which two clicks are required for removing that darn comment.

Don't suppose you could do it for me???

Mom said...

Everybody say thank you to Nony Mouse for telling me how to delete the annoying "nobody cares" comment.

Isn't he so sweet.