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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Yard Sales

Isn't it amazing that those toys your child never seems to be interested in are suddenly the most amazing toys in the world the very moment that you set them out in your driveway with a for sale sign nearby?

I am currently in the midst of a decluttering event that we all know very well. The ensuing yard sale has actually made me quite a profit, to which I'm highly unaccustomed. Yard sales for me typically result in a few dollars and some happy soul who gets to haul my junk away for free. Not this time, though. I've been lucky. Though I have had some very happy customers who were delighted at my willingness to make them some outstanding deals, particularly that big pile of clothes that walked away for $40.00. Even Randall was surprised that I allowed them to leave with all those clothes for so little money. Me, I was happy to see them go.

The interesting side affect of my venture is that my two wonderful babies spent hours playing in the yard yesterday with toys that they won't even cast a second glance at here in the house. Miss Kira arrived home from her Grandma's house and quickly began laying claim to certain items and removing them from my sale piles.

The toddler bed that my brother donated to the cause became Kira and Marisa's fort. There's no mattress in the bed, so they were able to sit in the bed with their little legs hanging down in the middle. It was really cute watching them.

Today, I will be continuing my sale in hopes to eliminate what remains of my junk - ahem, wonderful items that I no longer need. In an effort to make today go by easier with two restless little girls, I skipped off to Wal-Mart alone last night and managed to get me a bag of green Crayola sand. I plan to pour the sand directly onto the ground in our yard for Kira and Marisa to play in today.
I chose green to ensure that the sand can be blended into the yard without my dear Randall ever even noticing that the sand was here.

One must always have a plan for eliminating the evidence!


Petula Wright said...

LOL! I like the idea of the green sand and the elimination of evidence! :-)

That's great that you are doing well with the sale. That means all your hard work is paying off - a great reward!

Mom said...

I ended up adding a bag of pink sand and a bag of purple sand. My girls, and every kid within 50 miles of us, played in our new sandbox for several hours today. It was a wonderful investment. I'll be pulling the pool (where the sand is) into the garage and saving it for another day.