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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Marisa

Today is Marisa's 2nd birthday. I am not really sure just how she managed to reach this new milestone. The year has gone so quickly that I find myself to be a bit surprised by her sudden new age.

We went shopping last night at The Disney Store. I had hoped to find some Little Einstein figurines for an Einstein birthday cake. I failed. The Disney Store does not carry them. I know they make them, because I found some on the Internet. So why doesn't The Disney Store have any? Well, the nice lady there could not really explain that.

My trip was not a complete failure, though. Kira found an adorable little Dalmatian puppy that she wanted. I bought it for her, seeing as how Marisa is about to be flooded with gifts.

After Kira had chosen her puppy, I sent her outside with Daddy and brought Marisa in to browse. I had thought that I might get her a puppy, too. She did not seem terribly interested in the puppies, so being the wonderful Mommy that I am, I led her over to the Little Einstein wall where they had plenty of Einstein toys (but no miniatures...).

Marisa immediately spotted the stuffed Rocket, as I suspected she would because the thing is just so darn cute and Marisa adores Rocket. She pointed and said "Rocket, Rocket" in her excited little 1 year old voice (not 2 yet, remember...). When I told her she could have Rocket, she was just thrilled. I let her reach up and pick which Rocket she wanted (Yes, I know they are all exactly the same, but that isn't the point.). She loved on Rocket for a bit and then started to put him back with a sad little face. She didn't quite comprehend at that point that I was actually going to let her keep Rocket. See, she loves on all the stuffed animals at the store and I can't really buy all the stuffed animals so she usually has to put them back.

We went to the register and paid for Rocket and the puppy. Then Marisa happily carried her Rocket out to show Daddy, saying "Rocket, Rocket" all the way.

On the way home, I kept trying to get Rocket and she just snuggled him closer and said "My Rocket."

She is so cute. She's hugging up on me as I type this and I'm trying hard to file these memories away in my heart so that my 2 year old Marisa doesn't grow up too fast. She just woke up so she's still a bit loopy. She is not a morning person.

Oh, and just so you know, Rocket is sitting by the computer with us, too. Rocket and his gang of Einsteins - Marisa's current obsession.

Now it is time for me to go fix a special birthday breakfast and put in some special movies for Marisa. After all, this is Marisa's special day.

(Somewhere in all the birthday treatment I have to find time to study for that last exam tonight. **SIGH**)


Petula Wright said...

Happy 2nd Birthday Marisa! How sweet... these are such adorable moments.