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Friday, May 2, 2008

Pizza Night

Have you ever had one of those days when you just don't feel like cooking? You have hungry little faces begging for dinner, and no motivation to fix anything.

Every mom has her trusty set of numbers or menus that she can utilize for those days. Dinner is only a phone call away. Perhaps you want something a bit more nutritional than pizza, so you order from somewhere and go pick it up. Or, you feel super lazy and decide to call your favorite pizza joint for delivery. If you're really lucky, they will also deliver your favorite soda right along with your pizza so you don't even have to go out for drinks.

Tonight is my pizza night.

I'm tired. Randall is off with Gibson tonight. It is just me and the baby girls and The Friend. I'm hungry. I'm sure they are getting hungry, though they have been too busy to mention food so far. I'm also very lazy. I do not want to cook. I do not want to pile all the kids in the car to go out and get anything.

Tonight is my pizza night. In less than an hour I will be happily supplying my wonderful darlings with the most nutritious dinner available - PIZZA. I seriously doubt that they will complain over the lack of vegetables or other nutritious side dishes. They probably won't even notice....


SoccerMom said...

I used to feel guilty about those night but as she moved from house league to select and now to rep for Soccer - the guilt is completely gone. Besides I think of the stuff my mother used to feed us so one or two meals out are not going to kill anyone. And if you give them carrot cake for desert you can be completely guilt free! LoL

Mom said...

Hmmm - No carrot cake tonight. It's all pure chocolate. And more cake tomorrow for Uncle Doug's birthday. And more cake on Sunday for Marisa's birthday party.

The kids were overjoyed when the pizza man got here with our food.

I'm amazing. (tired, but amazing...)

Liss said...

Looks like pizza was a winner all round. Another good thing about pizza is the little or no washing up that comes with it at no extra charge.

Anonymous said...

Hence American childhood obesity.. great tip!

Mom said...

Pizza can be a very nutritious meal. It incorporates several different food groups in one easy-to-serve meal. (meat, dairy, grains, vegetables)

Pizza does not cause childhood obesity.

Overindulgence and lack of exercise causes childhood obesity. This is particularly true in this age where schools feel the need to limit recess and gym classes in favor of more desk work.