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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Little Einsteins

Did you know it was possible to travel through the entire world in less than a half an hour?

Did you know that rockets can go fast or slow, depending on how fast or slow you pat your hands on your knees?

Did you know that classical music conducting uses italian words to describe certain actions within the music?

Well, neither did I. That is, UNTIL my world was invaded by Little Einsteins. I have recently been exposed to the proper language for music conducting through this ingenious show. My girls just love watching the missions and adventures of the Little Einsteins. Little do they realize that they are actually being exposed to culture.

The most impressive part of the program is the end. At the end of the episode, the Einsteins introduce the music of the day, the art of the day, and any other important bits of information. The girls are bein exposed to great works of art and music that many adults have never even heard of (including me).

At any rate, the Little Einsteins do entertain the little monsters. Ultimately, entertainment for the little monsters is my goal. If they happen to be entertained for a few minutes then I might just manage to get some work done around here. The educational value is just an added benefit. Now if I could only convince Disney to make some Little Einstein chocolate candy....


SoccerMom said...

This is a riot that you did this post. Last night I was talking to someone and I recommended the baby Einstein.
Great Minds think alike!

Mom said...

I love Baby Einstein, too. Unfortunatley, I think my little ones are starting to outgrow the Baby Einstein show. They've upgraded to Little Einsteins. Risa LOVES Rocket.