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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Little Known Secret

If you could go get a supply of paper that you could use in your art projects and have such an amazing selection that you could never possibly use it all, would you?

I have a secret to tell you.

I know how to get very pretty, decorative paper to use in art projects without paying a single penny. Do you want me to tell you?

Well, here is all you have to do. Go to your local wallpaper supplier and beg for their sample books. That's right. Those sample books have expiration dates on them. When they expire, the company no longer has any use for the books. They will gladly let you sort through the books for them (free labor) in order to dispose of the old, useless sample books. For your efforts, you get to take the sample books home free of charge. Did you hear that - completely free of charge.

I went to our local Lowe's store one night and asked the guy at the paint station what they do with their outdated sample books. This is how I learned this valuable secret. He informed me that they were up for grabs for any customer who asked and was willing to sort through the books to find the old ones. He also said that they eventually go through and throw them out. Well, guess who wasted no time jumping at this awesome freebie!

I just happened to have my two nieces and their friend with me, which was really lucky because I ended up needing their help. When the sorting was all finished, I walked out of Lowe's with more than 30 sample books of wallpaper and paid nothing for them except my time and effort. Honestly, though, I had so much fun going through and finding the outdated books that it was a very small price to pay. It took us three buggies to cart those books out to the car because these are not tiny little books. Many of the pieces are large enough to cover a small wooden side table. The possibilities are endless for what I can do with this paper.

And did I mention that it was free? Just be sure to ask someone in the wallpaper department before you try to walk out with all their sample books. Also, be prepared for the store employee to sort through your books to be sure you are only grabbing the outdated ones.


SoccerMom said...

Another great thing you can do it is go to your local community newspaper and get the end roll. Some will make you pay a small fee but now you have lots of paper This paper is great for just about anything. think of your newspaper without the news. I had them for my kids when they were young it is great stuff