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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Amazing Educational Shows...

This article is about educational shows geared towards helping your child learn to read. If you have a child that is struggling with reading, or you just want to give your child a head start on this very important concept, read this article for a few ideas on programs that you can buy for your child.

Reading is by far the most important lesson that your child can learn. If a child can read, they can teach themselves anything. To help your child learn to love reading there are a few things you should do.

1) You should read. If your child sees you reading, then your child will want to be just like you and will also want to read. Your reading material can be anything from magazines to text books. It doesn't matter what you read, as long as you read.

2) Read to your child. Children's books are preferred reading material for children. However, it is okay to read magazines or -yes, text books (particularly helpful when convincing a child to go to sleep) - any other material that may be of interest. As long as you read to your child, your child will understand that words have meaning and come in written form as well as spoken form.

3) Let your child read. Give your child the books and let him read. It doesn't matter that he can't actually read the words. It doesn't even matter that he holds the book upside down (or feels that the book is really just a new snack that he can't seem to figure out how to digest). If he's reading early and often, he will continue reading throughout his life. Eventually he'll get the hang of reading and perhaps even stop trying to eat those books.

4) Provide several different types of reading material. Let your child play with your magazines. Let him read the words on the canned goods at the store. Newspapers are good reading material, too, even for young children. The idea is to allow your child to associate written words with spoken words in order to learn that the written words do actually have some real meaning.

So, go out and buy a book or two for your kids. They can even be used books. Your kids don't really care if they are brand new or not. (Though cleaning them really well for those children that think books are some sort of alternate form of food is highly recommended.)


Liss said...

I thinks it is very important to get you kids enjoying reading from a young age. I just posted about how I love reading with my son.