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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Pleasant Unpleasant Experience

How refreshing it is to find that there are people in this world that really do enjoy their jobs and take customer service seriously.

Today, I have been fortunate enough to have met such a person. Her name is Nancy and she works at The Hope Center Women's Services office here in my town. Normally I would avoid discussing my own personal issues, but this woman impressed me so much today with her sympathy and kindness, and just plain old fashioned work ethic that I find myself compelled to share my experience.

I needed to have an ultrasound today to check my gall bladder. Really, it is nothing more than precautionary due to my having been sick for a week now, my doctor wants to make sure that this is not the cause. So I called yesterday afternoon and made the appointment for this morning. Pleased to have been able to get in so quickly, I made arrangements for the girls to be watched and planned my day accordingly. Upon arriving at the office, I learned that whomever I made my appointment with failed to write it down, so I wasn't on the list. Nancy, however, reassured me that this was not an issue. After waiting about five minutes, I was called up for the necessary paperwork. Miss Nancy was so friendly and kind to me. When she saw why I was there, she assured me that if it was an issue with my gall bladder that the required treatments were simple and easy to deal with. She was so pleasant while she was taking my information that I told her how impressed I was. Rarely do I happen across somebody in this type of profession that can also be so pleasant - especially so early in the morning.

Know what she said to me --- "It's what I do. If I can't be nice to people then I shouldn't be working in a people oriented field."

WOW! What a concept. Someone who clearly recognizes that kindness is imperative to being successful when dealing with the public.

To Nancy, I would like to say how much I appreciate the effort that you made this morning to make my unpleasant experience a bit easier.

Yes, I did make a point to fill out one of those comment cards. I may even try to hunt down that woman's manager and make sure she (or he) happens to know just how impressive her employee is.


SoccerMom said...

Hey Mom
I hope you are on the mend! I have to say your story shocks me, because any time I deal with someone in the USA I always get prompt, pleasant service. Here not so much. And kudos to you for sharing with her boss!

Get Well Soon