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Monday, June 23, 2008

Dragon Tales

If you want an entertaining show that will provide your child with a bit of character reinforcement, Dragon Tales is your best bet.

Dragon Tales is produced by PBS and is one of the better kid programs on the market these days. Actually, I think most of what you see these days is reruns. I'm not sure if any new episodes are being produced or not. I do know that the show is now sold on DVD, as that is how my children are aware of this phenomenal program. Just hearing the chanting of a 2 year old saying "Dragon Tale Dragon Tale" is enough to make me want to rush out and buy more.

The program is about Annie and Max, who find a magic dragon scale and learn how to use said scale to transport themselves into the land of dragons. While visiting with their dragon friends, they learn many lessons about how to behave kindly and have good character. Unlike other programs of this nature, the show does not grate on the nerves of the parent being forced to listen to the same episodes over and over and over and over...well, you get the picture.

The theme song is catchy. The voices of the characters are not overbearing. The theme of each episode is even pleasant enough for any adult to watch without feeling as though they are sinking in the quick sand pits of boredom.

In essence, I really do love this program. It's fun and promotes the use of creativity and imagination in young children - something that is sadly missing from most programs these days.

PBS also has a really cool online game. Check it out with your little ones. I guarantee they will learn something new.


LisaPetrarcaBlog said...

Thanks...rushing off to tell my sister who has three little one's that need to be kept busy so she can maintain what little sanity she has left.

I made it through that stage only to start a new 19 yr. old "grown up" stage. Is it ever easy?!? I guess when they say, "A mom's job is never done, they REALLY mean it!"

Petula Wright said...

My kids used to love this show... hmmm? They haven't watched it lately. Well, they haven't been watching much tv lately 'cause I like them to be busy with other stuff. I like that one too and I love the song! I'm humming it now! :-)