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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Hot! Hot! Hot!

In honor of our now soaring heat wave, I have decided that this is a good time to give you a few creative ideas for convincing your child to drink more fluids. With the temperature hitting the high 90's here, it is important to get those kids to drink something frequently. You should offer them some varieties to prevent boredom and just make life more fun.

You can try a few different recipes for drink mixes. I did an Internet search and found quite a few interesting drinks. The one that sounds the most appealing to me is the Fizzy Twist. If you follow the link attached to the name, you will find other interesting drink ideas, but this one was my favorite.

Fizzy Twist

1 cup orange juice
1/3 cup cranberry juice
1/3 cup ginger ale

Mix the orange and cranberry juices over ice. Then, add the ginger ale.

In order to make drinks more appealing for children, you can do many things.

-You can serve your drinks with flavored ice cubes that are easy to make with a plastic ice tray.
-You can buy plastic ice cubes that come in various shapes and colors.
-You can put frozen fruit in your child's juice to keep it cold and add a bit of zing to their drink.
-You can make your own specialty ice cubes by freezing gummy candies into ice cubes.
-You can serve your child's fizzy twist in champagne flutes.
-Your options are limitless, just use your imagination.


Petula Wright said...

I love drinks with ginger ale in them. Although I don't drink too much but water lately this would be a nice treat. My kids very very rarely get soda so they would probably think this is awesome. I'm gonna try the flavored ice for them one day too! Thanks!

SoccerMom said...

Something else that is great for hot days is
frozen grapes. It is healthy no added sugar and little mess. I eat them a lot, and think they are great for hot days when sugar is not so great for the kids. Cause i am too tired to chase them around on their sugar high! LoL