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Monday, June 9, 2008

My First Giveaway

Now that I've had some time to consider what I might like to offer as a gift for my readers, I am hosting a giveaway. As my gift, I will be giving FIVE lucky winners a hand-made purse, made by me. Here are three samples of what the purse might look like. I have many designs. The purse you win will be customized to the interests of your child. I have cheer leading, balloons, crayons, animals, and flowers. Seriously, if you can think of it - I can make it.

These purses are small. They are perfect for little girls from 2 to 14.

Here are the rules for my giveaway.

1) Tell your readers about me. Make a post on your blog about The Art and Science of Parenting. This post should be dated June 9th or later. Be sure to tell everybody that I'm giving something away. I know people come read when they see "free stuff" posted.

2) Comment on this post with the link to your entry. Your comment should include the link back to your page and some information about what type of purse you think your child would like to have. You also need to include email information so I can contact you if you win.

That really is all you have to do. I am going to run my giveaway for three weeks to give people plenty of time to enter. The post will close at midnight on June 30th.

I will select the winners through a random method and post the information about who won.

I hope you all enjoy this little giveaway.


SoccerMom said...

Hey Mom

Okay I'm in on the fun. As you know I did a post for you already and of course I will be doing a post about you.

the girl likes purple and is 13 almost 14 if that helps

thanks for the kindness
Take Care

Petula Wright said...

Oh I can't wait to enter... I'm gonna try to do my post tomorrow since it's so late. This is exciting cause my middle daughter loves purses and flowers. Good luck to me! LOL

Liss said...

The Red button very cool. My oldest is very lazy and makes the younger one do everything for her. But the youngest is very independent and get cranky when you try to help him.

I will enter your give away this week some time. I have been busy and have 2 sick kids on my hands at the moment. We didn’t even get to plant our garden on the weekend.

Petula Wright said...

I finally did my entry!! Sorry it took so long, but at least I didn't forget like I normally would! :-) It was on my to-do list on the 11th and I'm just now finishing that week's to dos.

Okay... here it is:

Anonymous said...

I don't have a blog but the purses are really cute