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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Something Nice

Take a moment to go hug your child and tell her just how special she is. Be sure to include specific information about what you feel makes her so special.

Kira is special because she helps find her sister's pacifier when Marisa is too upset to find it.

Marisa is special because she loves passing out hugs and kisses.

Gibson is special because he willingly loses sleep to try to save orphaned kittens and then cries the rest of the night when he fails because he did everything the vet told him to do and the kittens still died.

Angel is special because she has made such amazing progress in building a life for herself despite the hardships she's had to endure.

There are many other reasons that my children are special to me. This is just what came to my mind first.

So, go tell your child what you think makes them so special. It will brighten their day tremendously, and yours too.


Petula Wright said...

I will tell my teen tonight and the others tomorrow when they get up.



Liss said...

Compliments are big confidence boosters, especially when you give a reason. I always try to comment on the things my kids do well and praise them for behaviour I like. I often say to my daughter “Have I told you I love you today” her response is generally “yeah, yeah you have told me that all ready”