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Friday, June 20, 2008

Blub Blub!!!

Did you know that "blub blub" is the sound that comes out of a fish's mouth when it tries to talk?

Well, now you have been properly educated. Fish say "blub blub."

To confirm this information, you need only take a small child or two to a large building filled with dozens, no thousands, of fish. Your companions will quickly inform you that fish talk and when they talk they say "blub blub."

"Blub blub" can mean many different things. Take a moment to study the language and you'll soon be able to carry on conversations with your favorite fish.

A hungry fish will swim to the top of the water and look pitifully at the fish keeper and say in a whiny little fishy voice - "blub blub."

A bored fish will swim around in circles trying to find something to do - all the while grumping "blub blub" under his breath.

A tired fish will swim upside down with his eyes half closed, singing a sleepy little song that goes something like "blub blub bla blub blub."

A playful fish will plop in and out of the water, yelling happily "BLUB BLUB".

Now, before you all decide I've just lost my mind, you should probably know that I spent most of this day at the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, surrounded by the incessant mumblings of various types of fish, all saying "Blub blub" in their own special little way.


SoccerMom said...

any mom would know that! LoL
That is so cute!